About Us

University of Techno-management & Humanities focusing on providing distance learning courses at affordable prices for all sections of society, and in the less developed areas of the country, was initiated in the year 1985. It was formed under the Society’s Registration Act of Odisha. The first center was set up in Puri, after which it has spread to 7 centers throughout the state. As an initiative for making education accessible to the less privileged section of population, we have been making steady progress.

Vision & Mission

In India there are millions of kids who are deprived of good education because they cannot afford it. It becomes inaccessible to them for more than one reason. University of Techno-management & Humanities was established to solve the problem of such children in particular, and it was clear that making quality education available to them through distance learning is the ideal solution. The internet offers a good medium of interaction as well as a platform for application in this form of education system.